Around the globe

Some places have a totally unique atmosphere. If you visit them, you can imagine how people lived, worked, loved and died there during the centuries, you can see the ancient sorroundings with your spiritual eyes and you can feel the living history.

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Inspiring cities

The best and most beautiful cities I have ever seen with stories, sightseeing tips, photos and experiences.

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Crazy advantures

Missing the last lanovka in the High Tatry in Eastern evening, being afraid of meeting a bear, rafting on the Neretva, praying for people in Mostar that jumping into the river from the bridge...the most adventures and funny moments I went through (...or just heard  about it from somebody).


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Re-discovering Budapest #1

You know the difference between living in a beautiful city and visiting it as a tourist? If you travel and have holiday you are more opened, ready to discover new things and to take some new stimulus into yourself. If you live somewhere you can easily get used to the beauty that surrounds. Therefore I decided to re-discover our lovely and vibrant hometown and I map Budapest again with the eyes of a tourist.

Budapest never sleeps, its’ streets are always full of rushing, busy, dreamy, entertaining and sometimes tired people. Our capital with its more than 1,7 million inhabitants is the ninth most populated city in the European Union.



Visual temptation